Pay with your mobile phone

Using Pay-At-Match
with direct debit

What is

Pay-At-Match® is the future of mobile payment: it’s like an girocard/EC card for your smartphone. With Pay-At-Match® you pay by direct debit using your mobile phone: no prepayments, no credit card and no fees.

  • Simple
  • Secure
  • Free

It’s easy to get started

  1. 1

    Download MyWallet for free

  2. 2

    Select Pay-At-Match as payment card

  3. 3

    Secure mobile payment

Questions and answers

  • What does Pay-At-Match cost?

    Nothing. Pay-At-Match® is a free Service in Telekom’s MyWallet App.

  • How secure is Pay-At-Match?

    Very secure. Pay-At-Match® can only be used from your PIN-protected MyWallet App. Your account details are saved on a ‘Secure Element’ in your SIM card. Data exchanged between the payment terminal and your mobile phone is encrypted.

  • Where can I pay using Pay-At-Match?

    Look out for the Pay-At-Match® logo. It might be on the shop door or at the checkout. New retailers are being added all the time.

Pay now using your mobile phone

Download Telekom’s MyWallet App onto your Android phone and select Pay-At-Match® as your payment card. You’re ready to go!

Is your smartphone ready?